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The offer of the service of pressing fruit and vegetable juices is dedicated to companies, individuals and producers.
We process both conventional and ecological raw materials into juice.


After washing and selection, the raw material is finely crushed, and the juice is obtained in the process of non-thermal pressing of the fruit pulp, called cold pressing.

Then the product is lightly pasteurized, which preserves a large part of the vitamins and trace elements.

The finished juice goes, for example, to special multi-layer bags with a dispenser called bag in box with a capacity of 3 liters.

The packaging we provide is currently the best product on the market and offers a high degree of tightness, which largely protects the product against unwanted unsealing. With proper storage, temperature and the position of the tap, the juice remains usable for about 2 weeks after opening.


Owocowe Smaki is one of the few companies in Poland that provides services of pressing juice from the following fruits:
apples, pears, chokeberry, red and black currants, raspberries, Kamchatka berry, blueberries, blackberries, sea buckthorn and others.
We have a modern production line with significant processing capacity, which allows us to carry out larger and regular orders.

Service filling for packaging

We also offer bottling:
- juices in glass containers from 0.2l to 0.75l, and bag in box 3l and 200l bags.
- various still and carbonated beverages closed with a twistt off cap

Service packaging

Our company also offers packaging of loose, non-dusting products such as peas, groats, dried fruit or vegetables, apple chips on a professional packing machine.

Service drying of fruits and vegetables

Our offer also includes fruit and vegetable drying services.

In order to find out about the details of our services, please contact us.


Contact details:

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37-310 Nowa Sarzyna
535 001 741
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